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Minimum 7 Night Stay During the High Season (June to Mid-September)

All rates exclude Holidays.

All rates exclusive of cleaning charge, city taxes and deposit.

Check should be mailed to:

Mark Rhodes
1801 Lomas Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104


No matter what time of year you pick for your vacation, there is something to do, see, and experience on Catalina Island. There are many things to be said for the times when there aren't massive crowds. The "Off Season" is a charming time to be on the island. The air is sweet, the weather is good, and you have it all to yourself. Just imagine, a week or two on the island with not a care in the world. You will be in for a treat when you visit Catalina in the season that is anything but off.

  • ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (Low and Mid-Season) - If you were married on Catalina more than 10 years ago and you are still married to that person and you're looking to surprise your spouse, I'll give you a 10% rental discount.

  • WRITER'S AND ARTIST'S PARADISE - Over the years, I have had a number of artists and writers stay at my home to write, paint, or celebrate the publication of their work or just allow their creativity a well needed rest. If you book ahead and get me a signed copy of your published work or an opportunity to buy cheap one of your works of art, I will work with you on the rent.

  • A GREAT PLACE FOR AN EXECUTIVE RETREAT - You've spent a lot of time building your business. You need to take a little time away to retool your direction. You could take the team to the usual "retreat" spots but you won't find as much peace of mind (and if need be....productivity) as you will staying at Catalina. If you are looking for economy as well, reserve a weekday stay.

  • GIMME SHELTER......A GREAT PLACE TO RECHARGE(OFF SEASON) - "Off Season" on the Island is a return to life's simple pleasures. The summer crowds have left the Off Season visitor with no waits for a tee time, restaurant seat or tour. You can enjoy solitary walks by the sea; a relaxing time with someone special or your family or you can finally see all of Catalina's nightlife. If a friendly, small, laid back Oceanside Island community appeals to you, you need to see the "other" Catalina....Catalina in the "Off Season".

  • A GREAT ROMANTIC STORY - If you are in love and you e-mail me your plan for a seriously creative surprise visit to Catalina, I'll discount a stay at my home to help make it happen.

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